V-Ribbed Belts

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CONTITECH V-Ribbed Belts

Made in Germany

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CONTITECH V-Ribbed Belts

Made in Germany

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Engine Timing Belt
Your engine’s timing belt synchronizes the valve train to the rotation of the engine’s crankshaft. It is imperative to replace your timing belt at manufacturer-specified intervals to prevent catastrophic engine failure. This is especially critical on interference engines as the engine valves and pistons will collide in the event of a timing belt failure.

Engine Timing Belt Failure Symptoms
No Start Condition
No Compression/Poor Compression

About Contitech
Contitech is a division of Continental brand replacement parts. Specifically known for their timing belt components, Contitech is a leader in their field and is regarded as one of the highest quality producers of timing, steering, and drive belts. They are considered OEM equivalent for European model vehicles and are a highly respected and well-known brand around the globe. They provide quality products that protect against premature wear and tear that can be disastrous especially in vehicles that have interference engines. Continental AG ( the umbrella corporation that owns Contitech ) was founded in 1871 and is headquartered out of Hanover, Germany. They are one of the largest automotive parts suppliers in the world, rounding out in the top five. As Contitech continues to grow and expand its products, it is sure to remain one of the most popular producer of replacement belt components of all kinds.


BMW 7 (F01, F02, F03, F04) (Year of Construction 06.2008 – 12.2015, 258 PS, Petrol)

BMW 5 Saloon (F10) (Year of Construction 01.2009 – 06.2013, 204 – 272 PS, Petrol)

BMW 5 Touring (F11) (Year of Construction 11.2009 – 06.2013, 204 – 272 PS, Petrol)

BMW X3 (F25) (Year of Construction 04.2011 – 10.2012, 258 PS, Petrol)

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11287628658, 11287590148

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