Front Brake Pad Set

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BREMBO Ceramic Brake pad set

prepared for wear indicator
Made in Italy

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BREMBO Ceramic Brake pad set

prepared for wear indicator
Made in Italy

34112449269 | 34116775310 | 34116796844 |  34116856591 | 34116858047 | 34116872632

Product Information
Disc Brake Pad Set
Let’s face it, brakes pads hands down are the most important components of our vehicle. Our brake pads allow us to stop our vehicles with a simple push of a brake pedal. Unfortunately they don’t last forever and are considered to be a major wear item which must be replaced before they completely wear out and damage the brake rotor costing you more in repairs. Brake pads can be made of several materials such as a semi-metallic compound, ceramic compound, or organic. Brake pads are suggested to be checked frequently during oil changes or routine services for wear to ensure you have at least the minimum pad thickness as stated by the car manufacturer.

Disc Brake Pad Set Failure Symptoms
Rotor Glazing
Rotor Hot spots
A noticeable lip on the rotors outer edge.

About Brembo
Brembo is a world leader in performance braking technology for auto and motorcycles including racing applications. Brembo invests heavily in research and development and all manufacturing is performed in-house. Bottom line, from design to testing to manufacturing and quality control the entire process is performed by Brembo, which is why Brembo is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, GM, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru and VW. It’s no wonder they are the most recognized name in brakes!


BMW 5 Saloon (F10) (Year of Construction 01.2009 – 10.2016, 136 – 258 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

BMW 5 Touring (F11) (Year of Construction 11.2009 – 02.2017, 136 – 272 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

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34112449269, 34116775310, 34116796844, 34116856591, 34116858047, 34116872632

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P 06 060N