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BTA Deflection / Guide Pulley, v-ribbed belt

Made in Germany

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BTA Deflection / Guide Pulley, v-ribbed belt

Made in Germany


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Product Information
Belt Tensioner
Drive belt tensioners vary from vehicle to vehicle. In older vehicles the tensioner system for the accessory belts was manual in which the tension needed to be set each time the belt was installed. However in modern applications the tensioner assembly is automatic with the most common tensioner styles being either mechanical (spring loaded) or hydraulic (uses a hydraulic damper).
Belt tensioners maintain tension on the accessory belts ensuring that components like alternators, water pumps, A/C compressors, and power steering pumps are being powered by the engine while its running. Over time tensioners can wear resulting in their required replacement. Tensioner assemblies with integrated pulleys should be replaced at the same the belt is replaced as they wear together.
Belt Tensioner Failure Symptoms
• Squealing from the drive belt
• Grinding or squeaking from the tensioner
• Odd wear pattern on belt
• Tensioner pulley bearing is loud
• Tensioner arm misalignment
• Tensioner assembly misalignment

About BTA
BTA is a full range of bearings for the automotive industry.
The core of the offer is wheel bearing repair kits and hubs integrated with bearings for most passenger cars and trucks. For the passenger market, they are offering full repair kits with all the necessary components needed for exchanging bearings and full hub and bearing sets.
An important group of products is also pulleys and tensioners of v-belts and multi-v belts for most models of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


BMW 7 (E65, E66, E67) (Year of Construction 11.2001 – 12.2009, 204 – 445 PS, Diesel, Petrol)



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11287505567, 11287515280, 11287549590, 11287574834

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