Lambda Sensor

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TOPRAN Lambda Sensor

Made in Germany

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TOPRAN Lambda Sensor

Made in Germany

11781730005 | 11781734345 | 11781734393

Product Information
Oxygen Sensor
Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor works with your engine control unit to optimize your engine’s performance. The oxygen sensor is measure the proportion of oxygen in the exhaust sends input back to the engine control unit so it can modify the vehicle’s air fuel ratio based off of it’s current conditions. In doing so your Oxygen Sensor is a major part of your vehicle engine management and fuel consumption.

Oxygen Sensor Failure Symptoms

  • Reduced fuel mileage
  • Failed emissions testing
  • A check engine light
  • Poor drive-ability

About Topran
Two priorities have shaped Topran –customer satisfaction & product quality. All their products, from accelerator cable to window lifter are checked by experienced experts in thorough quality control procedures.


OEM Numbers

11781730005, 11781734345, 11781734393

Product Code

500 463