Front Brake Pad Sensor

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TOPRAN Sensor, brake pad wear

Made in Germany

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TOPRAN Sensor, brake pad wear

Made in Germany


Product Information
Should be replaced when installing new brake pads
This brake pad sensor monitors your brake pads thickness. When the minimum thickness is reached on your brake pads, this sensor will come in contact with the rotor setting off the brake light on your dash. When this sensor is tripped it is your car telling you it is time to order new pads. This is considered a safety item and should be replaced every time you change your brake pads.
Disc Brake Pad Wear Sensor
Disc Brake Pad Wear Sensors, or Brake Pad Sensor, as they’re commonly called, are used as an instrument to alert the driver when the brake pads of the vehicle are at a low level and are in need of replacement. Operation of the sensor is simple where it is wired to the brake control module with 12v and when the brake pad becomes low enough, the sensor will ultimately surface and make contact with the rotor which in turn grounds the sensor and completes the circuit which triggers the light in your instrument cluster. The Brake Pad Wear Sensor is recommended to be replaced at the time of brake pad replacement.

About Topran
Two priorities have shaped Topran –customer satisfaction & product quality. All their products, from accelerator cable to window lifter are checked by experienced experts in thorough quality control procedures.


BMW X5 (E53) (Year of Construction 05.2000 – 12.2006, 184 – 360 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

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