Engine Oil

LKR 6,800.00

SHELL Helix, HX5 Engine Oil

15W-40, 4l, Mineral Oil
Made in Thailand

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Premium multigrade motor oil – Helps to remove sludge from dirty engines.

  • Helps to protect against wear and neutralize corrosive combustion acids
  • High total base number (TBN) to help combat corrosion and help to prevent engine damage and prolong engine life
  • Suitable for Petrol and Diesel Engines

Special Features and Benefits

  • Active cleansing technology: Actively locks away harmful performance robbing deposits
  • Active clean-up: Helps to remove sludge left behind by inferior oils
  • Effective wear protection: Helps to protect against wear and neutralise corrosive combustion acids
  • Resistance to oil degradation: Helps to maintain protection throughout the oil-drain interval
  • High TBN: Helps to combat corrosion to help prevent engine damage and prolong engine life
  • Multi-fuel capability: Can be used for gasoline, diesel and gas engines, and is also suitable for biodiesel and gasoline/ethanol blends

Shell Helix HX5 meets the latest API SN PLUS industry standard protecting turbocharged engines from Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI)
Many vehicle manufacturers use turbochargers to increase the power output
LSPI is a phenomenon seen in small modern Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engines on the road today
LSPI occurs when a mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chambers ignites before spark timing.
To prevent damage from LSPI, a new supplemental motor oil specification, API SN PLUS has been developed
Shell Helix HX5  is designed to protect turbocharged engines against damage from low-speed pre-ignition (including engine ‘super knock’, broken spark plugs, cracked pistons and even engine failure caused by LSPI)

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