Engine Mount

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LEMFÖRDER Engine Mounting

Hydro Bearing
Made in Germany

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LEMFÖRDER Engine Mounting

Hydro Bearing
Made in Germany

22111094813 | 22116771359 | 22116779971 |  22116785583

Product Information
Engine Mount
Engine mounts are designed to keep your engine and transmission supported and fixed to your vehicle frame or sub-frame without causing excessive vibrations that can enter the cabin. Engine mounts keep your drive-train properly aligned and if failed can promote drive train vibrations and premature component wear. Over time, your engine mounts deteriorate resulting in extra engine noise, engine rocking, a less enjoyable driving experience, and thus must be replaced.

Engine Mount Failure Symptoms
Engine Vibration
Drivetrain Vibration
Uneven Engine surface
Engine Rock during gear changes
Engine Rock during braking

About Lemforder
LEMFÖRDER is the No.1 brand in original equipment steering and chassis components. As a trusted partner of over 50 vehicle manufacturers worldwide LEMFÖRDER is a leader in the development of innovative passenger car, motorcycle, HCV and off-road chassis technology. Lemforder is a quality innovator in the fields of steering and suspension system parts and is often the OE (original equipment) of suspension parts for car brands including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and more. Founded in Lemförde near Bremen, LEMFÖRDER still engineers over 90% of its parts in Germany.

As part of a global organization, LEMFÖRDER follows the footprints of the automotive industry and has production and engineering sites all over the world. Each LEMFÖRDER part is rigorously tested before entering the market. For over 70 years LEMFÖRDER has been known for its pioneering spirit and passion for detail – setting the highest standards in steering and suspension. As an OE supplier to vehicle manufacturers for decades, LEMFÖRDER has a reputation for developing products that are perfectly suited to the overall vehicle system.


BMW 3 Compact (E46) (Year of Construction 03.2001 – 02.2005, 115 – 150 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

BMW 3 Convertible (E46) (Year of Construction 09.2001 – 12.2007, 143 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Coupe (E46) (Year of Construction 12.2000 – 07.2006, 143 – 150 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

BMW 3 Saloon (E46) (Year of Construction 04.1998 – 02.2005, 115 – 150 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

BMW 3 Touring (E46) (Year of Construction 03.2000 – 02.2005, 115 – 150 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

BMW Z4 Roadster (E85) (Year of Construction 03.2005 – 02.2009, 150 PS, Petrol)


OEM Numbers

22111094813, 22116771359, 22116779971,  22116785583 

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