Cabin Filter

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MANN-FILTER Filter, interior air

Charcoal Filter

Made in Germany

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MANN-FILTER Filter, interior air

Charcoal Filter

Made in Germany

64311496710 | 64311496711 | 64319257505 | 64316930349 | 64316930351

Product Information
Cabin Air Filter
Cabin air filters are important. For one, they filter the air which is entering the passenger compartment from dust and other allergens. They are also tasked with preventing outside debris from getting into the air ducts as well. Since these filters can become dirty with time it is recommend to inspect and replace them regularly.

Cabin Air Filter Failure Symptoms
Musty Smell From Vents
Reduced Air Flow From Vents
Dust and Debris being emitted from Vents

About Mann
Mann Filters “Always the right choice” – Mann is one of the most reputable OE manufacturers specializing in automotive filtration parts and is currently OEM (Original Equipment Supplier) to nearly every leading automobile manufacturer. Mann makes replacement filters for more than 95% of European models and almost 90% of US and Asian models. Chances are, if you look at the marking from the original oil filter pulled from your vehicle, you’ll see Mann’s marking right on the product.


MINI Hatchback (R50, R53) (Year of Construction 06.2001 – 09.2006, 75 – 218 PS, Diesel, Petrol)

MINI Convertible (R52) (Year of Construction 07.2004 – 11.2007, 90 – 210 PS, Petrol)

MINI Convertible (R57) (Year of Construction 11.2007 – 12.2008, 170 PS, Petrol)


OEM Numbers

64311496710, 64311496711, 64319257505, 64316930349, 64316930351

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