Radiator Antifreeze KFS 12+

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LIQUI MOLY Radiator Antifreeze KFS 12+

Can, Content: 1liter
Made in Germany

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LIQUI MOLY Radiator Antifreeze KFS 12+

Can, Content: 1liter
Made in Germany

Product Information
For engines made of cast iron, aluminum or a combination of the two as well as cooling systems with aluminum and/or copper alloys. Particularly suitable for engines of the latest generation. For cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural machines as well as stationary engines and devices that require a radiator antifreeze of this quality

Radiator antifreeze based on ethylene glycol. Combination of active agents with an OAT inhibitor package specially developed for modern aluminum high-performance engines. Provides outstanding protection against frost, corrosion and overheating, and does not contain amines, nitrites, phosphates, borates or silicates. If mixed with water in the right ratio, ensures reliable vehicle performance all year round.


Clean the cooling system with LIQUI MOLY Radiator Cleaner (Part no. 3320). Empty the cooling system and rinse with plenty of water. Fill with radiator antifreeze KFS 12+ and water according to the mixing table. We recommend distilled water for this. Depending on water hardness and quality (hardness not greater than 3.566 mmol/l), dilution with tap water is also possible. Disposal according to the local regulations. Change interval according to manufacturer’s instructions. Store undiluted only. Miscible with coolants based on ethylene glycol.



Frost protection     Water     Protection up to

1 part                       2 parts     -20 °C

1 part                       1 part       -40 °C

2 parts                     1 part       -68 °C

About Liqui Moly
LIQUI MOLY is Germany’s most popular brand of motor oil. For years, awards such as “Top Brand” or “Best Brand” have reflected their excellent reputation among both experts and end consumers. As a hotbed of ideas with Swabian roots and a conscientious global player, they only research, develop and manufacture in Germany, even today. And they have been raising the bar in terms of quality and service for 60 years.

They are one of the few full range brands in the world and offer more than 4,000 items from their one-stop shop! They offer the world’s widest, deepest range of motor and gear oils, fuel and oil additives, care products, chemical problem-solvers and service products. In premium quality – always and everywhere.


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