Air Mass Sensor

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HELLA Air Mass Sensor

Made in China

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HELLA Air Mass Sensor

Made in China



Product Information
Mass Air Flow Sensor
Mass air flow sensors are tasked with measuring the amount of air entering the engine via the intake. This mass air flow sensor is known as a hot film sensor which will suffer performance deterioration over time. The sensor is designed to be self cleaning. A faulty or non functioning mass air flow sensor will cause a check engine light and in some cases cause a limp mode. The best way to diagnose a faulty mass air flow sensor is to disconnect it and see if engine idle or performance improves.
Mass Air Flow Sensor Failure Symptoms
• Check engine light illumniated with OBD codes related to MAF sensor faults
• Engine has rough idle and/or stalls
• Short term fuel trim is rich at idle or lean under load
• Constantly runs rich or lean
About Hella
Hella is a German based manufacturer of specialty lighting parts for automobiles and is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Subaru , Toyota, Volkswagen and more. Hella lighting solutions include headlights and fog-lights, complete headlight assemblies, and all the other internal bells and whistles that allow your vehicles lighting system to run impeccably every time you turn the ignition over. One of the most well-known automotive suppliers, Hella ranks highly among the top 50 producers of parts in the entire world and has expanded beyond lighting and into electronics for vehicle interiors.
BMW 3 Compact (E36) (Year of Construction 08.1997 – 08.2000, 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Saloon (E36) (Year of Construction 01.1995 – 02.1998, 170 – 193 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Coupe (E36) (Year of Construction 01.1995 – 04.1999, 170 – 193 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Convertible (E36) (Year of Construction 03.1995 – 04.1999, 170 – 193 PS, Petrol)

BMW 7 (E38) (Year of Construction 08.1995 – 11.2001, 193 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Touring (E36) (Year of Construction 01.1995 – 10.1999, 170 – 193 PS, Petrol)

BMW 5 Saloon (E39) (Year of Construction 11.1995 – 09.2000, 170 – 193 PS, Petrol)

BMW 5 Touring (E39) (Year of Construction 09.1996 – 09.2000, 163 – 193 PS, Petrol)



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