Air Filter

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Genuine BMW Air Filter

Filter Insert
Made in Germany

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Genuine BMW Air Filter

Filter Insert
Made in Germany


Product Information
Air Filter
Like your home’s air filter, an engine’s air filter is there to filter out dirt, dust and other foreign matter. Did you know that most of the dirt in your engine enters in through a dirty air filter? Your engine’s air filter plays an important role as it prevents dirt from entering into the combustion chamber thus reducing the chances of internal damage and wear. A new air filter can increase airflow, improve overall engine performance, and in some cases add additional horsepower. Considering most of us drive in the harshest of conditions such as heavy idling in traffic, driving on dusty roads, and heavy towing, be sure to replace the air filter in your vehicle regularly.
Air Filter Failure Symptoms
Clogged filter media
Reduced engine performance
Internal Engine Damage

About Genuine BMW
The original parts used by BMW to build your car are available as replacement parts under the “Genuine BMW” brand. When ordering a Genuine BMW part you are guaranteed to get the same part that you would pick up from your local dealerships part department. Genuine BMW parts have been built to BMW’s stringent standards and are the same quality of the original parts used to build your Ultimate Driving Machine.
You may not realize this, but the parts that make up your BMW are not necessarily manufactured by BMW. No cause for concern, as BMW designs the part, hires a manufacturer, and ensures its quality to you. In fact, many of these manufacturers have been making parts for BMW for decades. In our industry, these manufacturers are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and these are often brands you recognize, including Lemforder, ZF, Sachs, Bosch, Valeo, Zimmermann, Siemens VDO, Corteco, and more. Don’t be surprised to open that Genuine BMW parts box and find an OEM branded part inside, simply with the addition of a BMW logo.


BMW 1 Convertible (E88) (Year of Construction 03.2008 – 12.2013, 136 – 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW 1 Coupe (E82) (Year of Construction 10.2007 – 10.2013, 156 – 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW 1 Hatchback (E81) (Year of Construction 09.2006 – 12.2011, 115 – 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW 1 Hatchback (E87) (Year of Construction 11.2003 – 06.2011, 115 – 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Convertible (E93) (Year of Construction 09.2006 – 12.2013, 143 – 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Coupe (E92) (Year of Construction 01.2007 – 12.2013, 143 – 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Saloon (E90) (Year of Construction 06.2004 – 12.2011, 116 – 173 PS, Petrol)

BMW 3 Touring (E91) (Year of Construction 09.2005 – 06.2012, 129 – 170 PS, Petrol)

BMW X1 (E84) (Year of Construction 03.2009 – 06.2015, 136 – 150 PS, Petrol)

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